Duration: 3 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

Basics of Industrial Marketing
Introduction to Industrial Marketing, Industrial versus Consumer Marketing, Industrial Marketing Landscape,Economics of Industrial Demand, Classification of Industrial Customers.

Buying Behaviour
Unique Characteristics of Organizational Procurement, Purchasing in Government Units, Industrial Buying
Behaviour in Indian context, Conceptualization of Buying Behaviour, Stages in Buying.

Inputs to Industrial Marketing
Uncertainty Management in Industrial Marketing, Purchasing Agents in Industrial Buying, Negotiation in Industrial Marketing.

Strategic Planning
Process of Strategic Planning, Macro and Micro Variables Used to Segment Industrial Marketing, Industrial Marketing Strategy in India, Managing the Development of Strategic Planning and McKinsey’s 7-s Framework.

Strategy Implementation
Understanding Strategy Formulation and Strategy Implementation, Industrial Marketing Strategy Components, Industrial Marketing Strategy in India, Industrial Marketing Research for New Product Development.

Logistics and Marketing Control
Purchasing Practices of Industrial Customers in Indian Context, Marketing Logistics: Physical Distribution and Customer Services, Marketing Control.

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