Duration: 3 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Organization Behavior
Introduction to organization, organization and managers,manager’ roles and skills, behavior at work, introduction to organization behavior, major behavioral science disciplines contributing to OB, challenges and opportunities managers have in applying OB concepts, OB model (including motivation models) and levels of OB model

Individual behavior
Introduction to individual behavior, values, attitudes, job satisfaction, personality, perception and individual decision making, learning, motivation at work, managing emotions and stress (Meaning-Definition Stress and job performance relationship Approaches to stress management (Coping with stress)

Interpersonal behavior
Interpersonal Behavior, Johari Window, Transnational Analysis– ego states, types of transactions, life positions, applications of T.A., managerial interpersonal styles..

Group behavior
Introduction to group behavior, foundations of group behavior, concept of group and group dynamics, types of groups, formal and informal groups, theories of group formation, group norms, group cohesiveness, group decision making, inter group behavior, concept of team vs. group, types of teams,
building and managing effective teams, leadership theories and styles, power and politics, conflict and negotiation.

Organisational behavior
Foundations of organization structure, organization design, organization culture, organization change, managing across
cultures, human resource management policies and practices, diversity at work.

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