Duration: 3 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

Unit I 
Public Relations: Definition,Meaning,Importance,Objectives,Scope and Functions, Organization of Public Relations of Corporate Bodies,Internal Organization,Seeking Consultancy Service,Role of Public Relations for Corporate Internal Security in managing Delegates and Visitors, Qualities of Good Public Relations Personnel, Selection, Training and Development of Public Relations Staff, Importance o f Mannerisms and Body Language in Public Relations

Unit II
Public Relations Strategy, Meaning, Importance, Strategy for Marketing, Tangible & Service Products, Marketing Strategy for Creating Corporate Image, Strategy for Promoting Social Awareness & Public Education for National Integrity, Social Reforms, Health & Education, Strategy for Damage Control, Meaning and Importance, Case Study of Corporates in India, Public Relation Activities Before, During & After General Meetings of Corporate Bodies, Public Meetings, Event Management

Unit III
Public Relations Communications, Meaning, Importance, Process for Customer Care & Complaint Handling, Process to Collect Dues & keep the Customer, Communication with Aids to Trade-Bankers, Insurance Agents and Local Bodies

Unit IV
Public Relations Management, Ethics, Do’s & Don’ts in Public Relations Management, Customers & Investors Education, Selection & Importance of Brand Ambassadors, Public Relations Functions in the light of : Right to Information, Consumerism, NGO Activism, Code of Conduct in Advertisement, Outsourcing of Public Relations, Importance, Selection, Control

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