Duration: 3 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

Concept and Characteristics of a project
Introduction, Projects, Project Management Phases, Project Management Knowledge Areas, Uncertainty of
Project Resources, The Triple Constraint, Project Management vs. Program Management, Complications
Involving IT Projects, Characteristics of Projects.

Importance of project management
Introduction, Description, Importance

Types of project
Introduction, Project Planning

Project Organizational Structure
Project Management, Trends in Modern Management, Strategic Planning and Project Programming, Effects of
Project Risks on Organization, Organization of Project Participants, Traditional Designer-Constructor
Sequence, Professional Construction Management, Owner-Builder Operation, Turnkey Operation, Leadership
and Motivation for the Project Team, Interpersonal Behavior in Project Organizations, Perceptions of Owners
and Contractors.

Project life cycle
Introduction, Phases

Statement of Work
Introduction, Next Steps, Purpose, Format of SOW, Sample Report.

Work Breakdown Structure
Overview, Work Breakdown Structures, Purpose, The WBS Module

IT in Projects
Introduction, Projects, Challenges and Changes, Project Culture, Business Leadership, Competitive Advantage,
Principles of IT project management, Role of offices in IT Projects, IT Projects: a Misnomer.

Team Building Process
Introduction, Groups, Encouraging work groups, Teams, Techniques, Roles and Rules.

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