Duration: 1 YEAR

Course Syllabus

  • Unit 1 
    • Sources of water, various uses of water and its need. Physical, chemical and biological standard for potable water
  • Unit 2 
    • Sources and nature of pollution of water. Process of purification of water in large scale and small scale.
  • Unit 3 
    • Water supply and storage system at the community and domestic level.
  • Unit 4 
    • Noise Refuse Disposal, Composition of air, sources of air pollution and nature of pollutants,estimation of level of pollutants. Process air purification and disinfection's.
  • Unit 5 
    • Green house effect, types of ventilation, thermal comfort, air temperature, humidity, radiation,evaporation and their measurements, Measurement of intensity of noise pollution,
  • Unit 6 
    • Demonstration of refuse collection and transportation in an urban area, Demonstration and operation of compost pits, sanitary land filling and insanitation process
  • Unit 7 
    • Classification of solid waste in the community.
  • Unit 8 
    • Polluting affects of different types of solid waste, system of collection of solid waste from the houses and street, sanitary transportation of solid waste, sanitary process of disposal of solid waste such as composting, sanitary land filling, incineration
  • Unit 9 
    • Classification of liquid waste, Physical, Chemical and bacteriological quality of different types of liquid waste.
  • Unit 10 
  • Health hazard related to accumulation of liquid waste or in sanitary drainage system.
  • Unit 11 
    • Construction and maintenance of sanitary sewerage system. Use of different types of traps, pollution of water sources from sewerage and its disinfection
  • Unit 12 
    • Demonstration of sewage system, Inspection of manholes, inspection chambers and maintenance of gully trap
  • Unit 13 
    • Collection of sewage sample for chemical and bacteriological analysis and interpretation ofreports
  • Unit 14 
    • Organisation of cleaning, minor engineering and oil operation of the sewage system, Detection of pollution of water from sewage.
  • Unit 15 
    • Process of disinfection of water in large and small scale, provisions for sanitary wells and tube wells, plumbing system and its maintenance.
  • Unit 16 
    • Inspection and maintenance of sewage treatment plants and disinfection of stabilized sewage

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