Duration: 1 YEAR

Course Syllabus

Introduction to chemical Plant

  • Introduction of Chemistry
  • branches of chemistry
  • importance of chemistry
  • Safety precautions to be taken in Chemistry Laboratory
  • different equipment and apparatus used in Laboratory

Batch Process

  • Temperature and Level Maintenance

  • Definition
  • units
  • conversion of units
  • Classification of temperature measuring instruments-Mercury in glass thermometer
  • Bimetallic thermometer
  • RTD thermometer(PT-100)
  • Thermocouple etc.

Chemical Maintenance

  • Introduction to maintenance
  • Types of maintenance-preventive
  • breakdown, predictive maintenance
  • Standard pipe threads
  • Nominal diameter
  • wall thickness
  • schedule number
  • tubing’s
  • taps and dies for pipe threads

Safety and General Awareness
  • Importance of safety in chemical plant
  • Accident- causes and effects of accident
  • prevention of accidents
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) in chemical plants.

Maintenance of Value

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