Duration: 3 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction
  • Function and structure of a computer, Functional components of a computer, Interconnection of components, Performance of a computer.
  • Representation of Instructions
  • Machine instructions, Operands, Addressing modes, Instruction formats, Instruction sets, Instruction set architectures - CISC and RISC architectures.
  • Processing Unit
  • Organization of a processor - Registers, ALU and Control unit, Data path in a CPU, Instruction cycle, Organization of a control unit - Operations of a control unit, Hardwired control unit, Micro-programmed control unit.
  • Memory Subsystem
  • Semiconductor memories, Memory cells - SRAM and DRAM cells, Internal Organization of a memory chip, Organization of a memory unit, Error correction memories, Interleaved memories, Cache memory unit - Concept of cache memory, Mapping methods, Organization of a cache memory unit, Fetch and write mechanisms, Memory management unit - Concept of virtual memory, Address translation,Hardware support for memory management.
  • Input/Output Subsystem 
  • Access of I/O devices, I/O ports, I/O control mechanisms - Program controlled I/O Interrupt controlled I/O and DMA controlled I/O I/O interfaces Program controlled I/O, Interrupt controlled I/O, and DMA controlled I/O, I/O interfaces- Serial port, Parallel port, PCI bus, SCSI bus, USB bus, Firewall and Infiniband, I/O peripherals - Input devices, Output devices, Secondary storage devices.

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