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If you are visiting our website to check out training and course options that'll help you find a suitable employment post completion, we assure, you'll find all your answers here!

Ever felt that you'd like to broaden your skills but don't have enough time?

Ranging in duration from three and six months to 10 Months, SLPs may be just the thing for you. In addition to the benefit of time, here's why you should be considering completing a Centre for Business Management (CBM) SLP

  • The pre-requisites topursue an AICPE course is not as stringent as those of formal degree or diploma programmes.
  • They are relatively cost effective
  • They are a quicker route to building a knowledge and skills base
  • They can be used as an entry point into a formal qualification
  • After successful completion, you receive a certificate that you can add them to your CV during job hunts
  • They are a strong base to apply for promotional opportunities at work

We've about 200+ high quality, highly relevant courses that will open doors to employment; which we offer through various registered institutes or franchisee Centres across India. Before you enrol into an institute, make sure they offer programs designed by AICPE which was listed over at


At the end of every course, you appear for an examination post its clearance AICPE issues a certificate. Please have a look on how AICPE Courses adds to your career growth. Institutes offering AICPE courses facilitate environmentthat's conducive to learning; offers unbiased careers information, advice, and guidance through professionally qualified staff; all this strengthens employability skills of candidates to face the working world.

Who qualifies to take our courses?

We believe that age and qualification is not a hurdle for a person willing to learn. Irrespective of candidates' previous qualification or lack of it, they can choose and pursue a course designed by us, based on their preference and career goal. This is the quality that sets us apart from competitors.

You can choose a course based on your interest and we will train you to become professionally competent for jobs in the relevant sector. As AICPE certificate is valid, you can get yourself enrolled in employment exchange too on the basis of it.

Majority of our course duration ranges from 3 months to 10 months. This works in favour ofthosewishing to start a ventureimmediately; are in the process of securing an employment; or,are planning to relocate elsewhere to secure a better future.

Majority of our courses are aimed to benefit - school drop outs, undergraduates, and graduates with average scores;who do not have work experience or have worked for a very short span of time and now wish to explore freelance and self-employment options; or feel the need to prepare for a more rewarding career and employment.

How you benefit?

All the courses are multifaceted, designed to enhance & elevate students' learning experience follow a holistic learning approach; and cultivate & develop skills in individuals for various vocations & careers.

If you choose to pursue a course from the array of them we offer through various institutes, you are sure to enhance your employability quotient and confidence. Our courses adhere to highest standards, are career-focused, and short duration; helping you to find solid employment/self-employment opportunities.

Students wishing to enrol into any of our courses are welcome to use this website as an information resource. However if you seekone-to-one consultation orcareer guidance or further information about any of our courses, contact our help Desk or institutes in your area offering courses designed by Our Help Desk or Institute Counsellors will facilitate information via email, phone or Skype if you can't make yourself available in person. Here's the list of institutes offering courses designed by us.

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