Duration: 3 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

  • Classification & Categorization of Hotels
  • Identify hotels on basis of different criteria
  • Familiarize with the various star categories for hotels in India
  • List the process for categorization 
  • Hotel Organization Chart & Job Description / Specification 
  • Understand differences between departments in a hotel
  • Describe the reporting hierarchy and flow of information in Front Office Department
  • List the factors for Job Description and Job Specification
  • Front Office Department Functions
  • List the role and responsibilities of Front office Personnel
  • Understand the role of Front Office in Hotel operations
  • Guest Types and Expectations 
  • Categorize Guests in broad categories
  • Understand the requirement for different types of guests
  • Front Office Accounting 
  • Understand the importance of Account Maintenance
  • List types of Accounts
  • Lists types of Ledgers
  • List types of Folios
  • Understand the importance of Account Settlement
  • List the steps in Check out
  • Understand the requirements for closing the Account
  • List post departure activities 
  • Reservation
  • Explain the importance of Reservation
  • Describe the stages in Reservation
  • List Channels of Reservation
  • List types of Reservation
  • Lists the steps in Reservation
  • Describe the various steps in process of Reservation and their importance 

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