Duration: 4 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

Course Title: Account Expert with Tally Prime  (Skill Development Course)

Course Duration: 4 months  (Part-Time)

Course Objectives:

1.     To provide students with a comprehensive understanding of accounting principles and practices using Tally Prime software.

2.     To develop skills in managing financial transactions, inventory, taxation, and payroll using Tally Prime.

3.     To enable students to utilize Tally Prime effectively for self-employment and career growth.

4.     To enhance the employability of students by providing practical knowledge and hands-on experience with Tally Prime.

5.     To adapt the course content based on the requirements of the learners and the location.

Course Overview:

This part-time course is designed to provide students with the necessary skills to become proficient in accounting using Tally Prime software. The course will cover various aspects of accounting, financial management, inventory management, statutory and taxation requirements, payroll accounting, and other business capabilities. The course is aimed at helping students develop the expertise required for self-employment and career growth in the accounting field.

Course Teaching Methodology:

1.     Lectures: In-depth explanations and demonstrations of accounting concepts and Tally Prime functionalities.

2.     Practical Sessions: Hands-on practice using Tally Prime software to reinforce theoretical knowledge.

3.     Case Studies: Analysing real-life scenarios to apply accounting principles and Tally Prime features.

4.     Assignments: Practical exercises to enhance problem-solving skills and reinforce learning.

5.     Group Discussions: Interactive sessions to encourage peer learning and knowledge sharing.

6.     Guest Lectures: Industry experts sharing their experiences and providing insights into the practical applications of Tally Prime.

7.     Project Work: Undertaking a real-world project using Tally Prime to showcase skills and practical understanding.


Importance for Learner in Career Growth and Self-Employment:

1.     Enhanced Accounting Skills: Acquiring expertise in accounting using Tally Prime will open up numerous career opportunities in various industries.

2.     Self-Employment Opportunities: Mastering Tally Prime will enable learners to offer accounting and financial management services independently.

3.     Industry-Relevant Skills: The course focuses on practical knowledge and hands-on experience, making learners job-ready in the accounting field.

4.     Increased Employability: Employers value candidates with Tally Prime skills, as it streamlines accounting processes and improves efficiency.

5.     Entrepreneurial Skills: Understanding other business capabilities and Tally .NET features will equip learners to start their own ventures.

Course Content:

1) Basic of Accounting System in Tally Prime

·         Introduction to Accounting Principles

·         Tally Prime Interface and Navigation

·         Creating Company and Configuring Settings

·         Chart of Accounts and Ledgers

·         Vouchers and Transactions Entry

·         Bank Reconciliation

2) Accounting & Financial Management

·         Financial Statements and Analysis

·         Accounts Receivable and Payable Management

·         Fixed Assets Accounting

·         Budgeting and Forecasting

·         Ratio Analysis and Interpretation

·         Cash Flow and Fund Flow Management

3) Inventory Management

·         Inventory Configuration and Master Creation

·         Stock Items and Units of Measure

·         Stock Categories and Groups

·         Stock Transactions and Valuation

·         Inventory Reports and Analysis

4) Statutory & Taxation

·         GST (Goods and Services Tax) Concepts and Procedures

·         TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) and TCS (Tax Collected at Source)

·         Income Tax Calculation and Filing

·         E-Way Bill Generation and Compliance

·         Statutory Reports and Compliance


5) Payroll Accounting Functions

·         Payroll Setup and Employee Masters

·         Salary Components and Attendance Management

·         Payroll Processing and Statutory Deductions

·         Gratuity and Bonus Calculation

·         Payroll Reports and Compliance

6) Other Business Capabilities

·         Job Costing and Project Management

·         Cost Centres and Cost Categories

·         Interest Calculation and Forex Management

·         Banking and Reconciliation

·         Data Security and Backup

7) Tally .NET Capabilities

·         Remote Access and Data Synchronization

·         Tally on Mobile and Cloud

·         Tally Add-ons and Customization

·         Tally Audit and Security Controls

·         Tally .NET Reports and Analytics

Note: The course content mentioned above is subject to modification based on the specific requirements of the learners or the location.

Please note that the syllabus provided is a general guideline for a 4-month part-time course on becoming an Account Expert with Tally Prime. The actual course duration, session frequency, and delivery format may vary depending on the institution or training provider.

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