Duration: 3 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

Course Title: Computer Applications (Skill Development)

Course Duration: 3 Months (part-time)

Course Objectives:

1.     To provide a comprehensive understanding of computer fundamentals and their practical applications.

2.     To develop proficiency in operating systems and their functionalities.

3.     To acquire practical skills in using MS Office applications for efficient document creation, data analysis, and presentation.

4.     To gain knowledge and hands-on experience in graphic designing using industry-standard software.

5.     To develop proficiency in using Tally Prime for accounting and financial management.

6.     To explore the potential of the internet and its various applications for personal and professional growth.

7.     To empower students with essential computer skills for self-employment and career growth.

Course Overview:

The Computer Applications course is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills required for self-employment and career advancement in today's digital era. The course will cover fundamental concepts of computers, operating systems, popular software applications, graphic designing tools, accounting software, and the effective use of the internet.

Course Teaching Methodology:

1.     Lectures: Engaging lectures will be conducted to explain theoretical concepts and provide a foundation for practical applications.

2.     Hands-on Practice: Students will be provided with ample opportunities for hands-on practice to enhance their skills and reinforce their learning.

3.     Practical Assignments: Regular assignments will be given to students to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios and foster problem-solving abilities.

4.     Group Discussions: Interactive sessions will encourage students to share their ideas, experiences, and challenges, fostering collaborative learning.

5.     Project Work: Students will undertake practical projects to apply their skills and gain practical experience in various aspects of computer applications.

Importance for Learners in Career Growth and Self-Employment:

1.     Increased employability: Proficiency in computer applications is a prerequisite for most job opportunities in today's digital age. The course will enhance students' employability by equipping them with essential skills required in various industries.

2.     Self-employment opportunities: With the acquired skills, students can establish their own ventures in graphic designing, data analysis, accounting services, or utilize the internet for online businesses.

3.     Career advancement: Knowledge of computer applications opens doors for career advancement by increasing productivity, efficiency, and the ability to adapt to technological advancements.

Syllabus (subject to modification based on learner or location requirements):

Computer Fundamentals:

·         Introduction to computers

·         Computer hardware and software

·         Operating systems and their functions

·         File management and organization

Operating System:

·         Introduction to operating systems

·         Windows OS fundamentals

·         File and folder management

·         Customizing the operating system

·         Troubleshooting common issues

MS Office Applications:

·         Microsoft Word: Document creation and formatting, mail merge

·         Microsoft Excel: Data entry and analysis, formulas and functions, charts

·         Microsoft PowerPoint: Creating effective presentations, slide design, animation

·         Microsoft Outlook: Email management, calendar and task organization

Graphic Designing:

·         Introduction to graphic designing

·         Design principles and color theory

·         Adobe Photoshop: Image editing, manipulation, and enhancement

·         Adobe Illustrator: Vector graphics creation and illustration

·         Project work: Creating brochures, flyers, logos, etc.


·         Introduction to desktop publishing

·         PageMaker interface and tools

·         Creating layouts, brochures, newsletters, and magazines

·         Working with text and images

·         Printing and exporting publications

Corel Draw:

·         Introduction to Corel Draw

·         Vector graphics and illustration techniques

·         Working with shapes, lines, and colors

·         Creating logos, banners, and business cards

·         Exporting and printing designs

Tally Prime:

·         Introduction to accounting software

·         Tally Prime interface and navigation

·         Creating company profiles and ledgers

·         Managing inventory and generating reports

·         GST compliance and taxation features


·         Introduction to the internet and its evolution

·         Web browsers and search engines

·         Email communication and etiquette

·         Online safety and security

·         Utilizing online resources for learning, research, and business

Note: The syllabus can be customized or expanded based on the learner's requirements and the availability of resources and time.

Please keep in mind that this syllabus is a suggestion, and you may adapt it as needed to suit the specific needs and goals of your students or the requirements of your location.

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