Duration: 3 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

Course Title: MS Office (3-month part-time course)

Course Objectives:

  • To provide students with a comprehensive understanding of MS Office applications and their features.
  • To help students develop practical skills in using MS Office applications for various purposes such as document creation, data analysis, and presentation design.
  • To enable students to understand the importance of effective communication and collaboration using MS Office applications.
  • To equip students with entrepreneurial and business skills necessary for self-employment in the MS Office-related industry.

Course Overview: This 3-month part-time course is designed to help students gain the necessary knowledge and skills in MS Office applications. The course is divided into four parts:

Part 1: Introduction to Computing Systems (1 month)

  • Introduction to computers and their importance
  • Parts of a computer system and their functions
  • Memory devices, input/output devices, and monitors/printers
  • Number systems, bits and bytes, and text codes
  • Operating systems and types of software
  • Programming languages and program control flow

Part 2: MS Office Applications (1.5 months)

  • Introduction to MS Office and its applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • Creating and formatting documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • Using formulas, functions, and charts for data analysis
  • Designing and formatting presentations with multimedia elements
  • Email management and collaboration tools in Outlook

Part 3: Networks and Databases (0.5 month)

  • Networking basics and types of networks
  • Network hardware and uses of networks
  • Introduction to databases and database management systems

Part 4: Cyber Security (0.5 month)

  • The need for computer security and basic security concepts
  • Threats to users and data, online spying tools, and cybercrime
  • Protective measures for cyber security

Course Teaching Methodology:

  • Lectures, presentations, and demonstrations by experienced MS Office experts
  • Hands-on practical sessions with assignments, exercises, and projects
  • Group discussions and peer-to-peer learning
  • Case studies and real-world examples
  • Guest lectures and industry visits

Importance for Learner in Career Growth and Self-Employment: MS Office applications are essential tools in today's workplace, and proficiency in MS Office can help individuals enhance their career growth and self-employment opportunities. The course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective communication, collaboration, and data analysis using MS Office applications. Upon completion of the course, students will have the confidence and skills necessary to work in various industries that require MS Office proficiency or to start their own MS Office-related business.

Note: The contents of the course can be modified based on the requirements of the learner or location.

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