Duration: 3 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

 WIRELESS COMMUNICATION                                                            

  • Cellular systems- Frequency Management and Channel Assignment- types of handoff and their characteristics, dropped call rates & their evaluation -MAC – SDMA – FDMA – TDMA – CDMA – Cellular Wireless Networks
WIRELESS NETWORKS                                                                        
  • Wireless LAN – IEEE 802.11 Standards – Architecture – Services – Mobile Ad hoc Networks- WiFi and WiMAX - Wireless Local Loop
 MOBILE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS                                              
  • GSM-architecture-Location tracking and call setup- Mobility management- Handover- Security-GSM SMS –International roaming for GSM- call recording functions-subscriber and service data mgt –-Mobile Number portability -VoIP service for Mobile Networks – GPRS –Architecture-GPRS procedures-attach and detach procedures-PDP context procedure-combined RA/LA update procedures-Billing
MOBILE NETWORK AND TRANSPORT LAYERS                              
  • Mobile IP – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol-Mobile Ad Hoc Routing Protocols– Multicast routing-TCP over Wireless Networks – Indirect TCP – Snooping TCP – Mobile TCP – Fast Retransmit / Fast Recovery – Transmission/Timeout Freezing-Selective Retransmission – Transaction Oriented TCP- TCP over 2.5 / 3G wireless Networks
APPLICATION LAYER                                                                          
  • WAP Model- Mobile Location based services -WAP Gateway –WAP protocols – WAP user agent profile- caching model-wireless bearers for WAP - WML – WMLScripts - WTA- iMode- SyncML

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