Duration: 3 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

Course Title: Object-Oriented Programming using C++

Course Duration : 3 Months

Course Overview: This course is designed to introduce learners to the principles and concepts of object-oriented programming using C++. The course will cover topics such as classes and objects, constructors and destructors, operator overloading, inheritance, and polymorphism. The course will be conducted part-time and is aimed at providing learners with the necessary skills for self-employment and career growth in the field of programming.

Course Objectives: • To understand the basic principles of object-oriented programming • To learn the fundamentals of C++ programming language • To learn the concepts of classes and objects, constructors and destructors, operator overloading, and inheritance in C++ • To develop skills in implementing data structures in C++ • To develop skills in implementing polymorphism in C++

Teaching Methodology: The teaching methodology for this course will include lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on programming assignments. Learners will be encouraged to actively participate in class discussions and share their ideas and experiences. The course will also include practical exercises and projects to help learners apply the concepts learned in class.

Course Contents: • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming • Basics of C++ Programming Language • Classes and Objects • Constructors and Destructors • Operator Overloading • Function Overloading • Inline Functions • Type Conversions • Data Structures in C++ • Inheritance • Polymorphism

The course content can be modified based on the requirements of the learners or the location.

Note: The syllabus is designed considering Indian students.

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