Duration: 3 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

Course Title: Introduction to C Programming

Course Duration: 3 Months (Part-Time)

Course Overview: This course aims to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of programming using the C programming language. The course is designed for beginners with no prior programming experience. The course will cover topics ranging from variables, data types, operators, and control statements to arrays, functions, and pointers. The course will also cover basic concepts of computer programming, such as algorithm development and program design.

Course Objectives:

  • To introduce students to the fundamental concepts of programming
  • To teach students to write simple C programs using basic syntax and control structures
  • To develop students' problem-solving and algorithmic thinking skills
  • To provide students with a foundation for further study in computer science and programming

Course Teaching Methodology: The course will be delivered through a combination of lectures, hands-on programming exercises, and assignments. Students will be expected to complete regular programming exercises to reinforce the concepts learned in class.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction to C programming
  • Variables and keywords
  • Constants
  • Data types
  • Operators
  • Control statements (if-else, switch-case, loops)
  • Functions
  • Storage classes
  • Arrays
  • Structures
  • Pointers
  • Header files

Importance for Learners in Career Growth and Self-Employment: The knowledge of C programming language can open doors to various career opportunities in the field of software development, web development, game development, etc. Learning C programming also enables self-employment opportunities for freelancers who can develop their own software or web applications.

Note: The course contents can be modified based on the requirements of the learner or location.

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