Duration: 4 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

Course Title: Oracle SQL and PL/SQL (Skill Development Course)

Duration: 4 Months (Part-Time)

Course Objectives:

  • Provide students with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in Oracle SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Teach students how to write SQL queries to retrieve and manipulate data from databases.
  • Familiarize students with PL/SQL programming for database development.
  • Prepare students for self-employment and career growth opportunities in database management and development.
  • Emphasize the importance of database skills in the IT industry.

Course Overview: This 4-month part-time Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Skill Development Course is designed to empower Indian students with the essential skills required for working with Oracle databases. The curriculum covers SQL fundamentals and advanced PL/SQL programming techniques. The course can be tailored to accommodate learners with different levels of prior knowledge and can be customized to meet specific learner or location requirements.

Course Teaching Methodology:

  • Classroom Instruction: Theory and concepts related to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Hands-On Practical Training: Students will practice SQL queries and PL/SQL code in a database environment.
  • Demonstrations: Instructors will demonstrate SQL and PL/SQL coding techniques.
  • Group Projects: Collaborative learning and real-world problem-solving.
  • Assignments and Assessments: Regular assessments to gauge student progress.

Importance for Learner in Career Growth and Self-Employment:

  • Graduates of this course will be well-prepared for careers in database management, development, and administration.
  • It provides a strong foundation for self-employment opportunities as students can offer database services to businesses.
  • Offers potential for career growth in the IT industry, where database skills are highly sought after.

Course Contents:

Oracle SQL:

Module 1: Writing Basic SQL SELECT Statements

  • Introduction to SQL
  • Basic SELECT statement syntax
  • Retrieving data from a single table

Module 2: Restricting and Sorting Data

  • WHERE clause for data filtering
  • Sorting data with ORDER BY
  • Single-row functions

Module 3: Displaying Data from Multiple Tables

  • Using table aliases
  • Combining rows from multiple tables with JOIN

Module 4: Aggregating Data Using Group Functions

  • GROUP BY clause and aggregate functions
  • HAVING clause for filtering grouped data

Module 5: Manipulating Data

  • INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements
  • Commit and Rollback

Module 6: Creating and Managing Tables

  • Creating tables
  • Modifying table structure
  • Removing tables

Module 7: Including Constraints

  • Constraints for data integrity
  • Primary keys, foreign keys, unique constraints

Module 8: Creating Views

  • Creating and managing views
  • Updating data through views

Module 9: Other Database Objects

  • Indexes and sequences
  • Synonyms and sequences

Module 10: Controlling User Access

  • Creating and managing user accounts
  • Granting and revoking privileges

Module 11: Using SET Operators

  • UNION, INTERSECT, and MINUS operators
  • Sorting and filtering set operator results

Module 12: Enhancements to the GROUP BY Clause

  • ROLLUP and CUBE extensions

Module 13: Extensions to DML and DDL Statements

  • MERGE statement
  • Flashback query and version query


Module 14: Programming in PL/SQL

  • Creating and Running PL/SQL Code
  • Loop Basics
  • Exception Handlers

Module 15: Data Types and Variables

  • Strings, numbers, records
  • Data retrieval

Module 16: Procedures, Functions, and Parameters

  • Creating and using procedures
  • Creating and using functions
  • Using parameters in PL/SQL

Module 17: Packages

  • Creating and using packages
  • Package variables and procedures/functions

Module 18: Triggers

  • Introduction to triggers
  • Creating and managing triggers

Note: The course content can be adjusted to meet specific learner requirements or regional variations.

Upon successful completion of this Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Skill Development Course, students will have the knowledge and practical skills needed for a rewarding career in database management and development or the ability to establish their own self-employment ventures in the IT industry. This course offers a strong foundation for individuals seeking opportunities in India's thriving technology sector.

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