Duration: 1 YEAR

Course Syllabus

Course Title: Shorthand 100 W.P.M. - English

Course Duration: 1 Year (Part-Time)

Course Objectives:

  1. To equip students with advanced shorthand skills at a speed of 100 words per minute.
  2. To provide proficiency in transcribing shorthand notes accurately.
  3. To prepare students for self-employment as stenographers or transcription professionals.

Course Overview:

Module 1: Stenography Introduction

  • Introduction to stenography and its importance.
  • Understanding the role of shorthand in transcription.
  • Familiarization with shorthand symbols and principles.

Module 2: Consonants, Vowels, and Basic Shorthand

  • Identifying various consonants and vowels in shorthand.
  • Application of grammalogues (common phrases) and contractions.
  • Using shorthand symbols for frequently used words like 'The' and punctuation.

Module 3: Advanced Shorthand Strokes

  • Mastering the strokes for 'R' and 'H' in shorthand.
  • Abbreviated 'W' in shorthand notation.
  • Practical exercises to reinforce stroke recognition.

Module 4: Shorthand Circles, Loops, and MS Word Tools

  • Using small circles for 'S' and 'Z' in shorthand.
  • Large circle for 'SW' and large loop/small loop symbols.
  • Introduction to MS Word and its tools for transcription.

Module 5: Advanced Shorthand Strokes and Hooks

  • Recognizing the direction of 'SHR' and 'SHL' strokes.
  • Application of alternative forms for shorthand symbols.
  • Utilizing curved hooks and compound consonants.

Module 6: Halving, Doubling, Prefixes, and Suffixes

  • Applying halving and doubling principles in shorthand.
  • Using prefixes in shorthand notation.
  • Incorporating suffixes for shorthand writing.

Module 7: Monetary Units and Advanced Phrases

  • Identifying monetary units and using them in shorthand.
  • Forming words with advanced phrases and intersections.
  • Transcribing simple letters and documents.

Module 8: Transcription Skills

  • Translating and transcribing all types of sentences.
  • Developing accuracy and speed in shorthand transcription.
  • Preparing students for practical transcription work.

Course Teaching Methodology:

  1. Interactive Classes: Theoretical explanations and demonstrations of shorthand principles.
  2. Practical Dictation: Regular dictation exercises to improve writing speed.
  3. Transcription Practice: Transcribing shorthand notes into full text.
  4. Individual Attention: Personalized feedback and guidance for each student.
  5. Speed Drills: Increasing shorthand speed through consistent practice.
  6. Practical Application: Real-world transcription tasks and assignments.

Importance for Learner in Career Growth and Self-Employment:

  • Proficiency in shorthand opens doors to self-employment as a stenographer or transcription professional.
  • Enhances employability in various industries requiring transcription services.
  • Equips students with essential skills for taking down notes rapidly and accurately.
  • Offers a practical path to entrepreneurship in transcription services.

Note: The course content can be customized based on specific learner requirements or location, ensuring it remains adaptable to the needs of the students and evolving transcription industry standards. Students will benefit from regular dictation exercises to improve speed and accuracy.

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