Duration: 2 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

Course Title: PHP and MySQL Skill Development Course

Course Duration: 2 Months (Part-Time)

Course Overview: This 2-month part-time skill development course on PHP and MySQL is designed to empower Indian students with the knowledge and practical skills necessary for self-employment and career growth in the field of web development. The course focuses on both the fundamentals of PHP programming and the essentials of database management with MySQL. Students will learn to create dynamic web applications, handle data effectively, and build a strong foundation for pursuing a career in web development or starting their own ventures.

Course Objectives:

  1. To provide a comprehensive understanding of PHP programming and its syntax.
  2. To teach students how to work with MySQL databases for data storage and retrieval.
  3. To enable students to develop dynamic web applications using PHP and MySQL.
  4. To familiarize students with best practices in web development.
  5. To equip students with the skills required for self-employment in the field of web development.

Course Teaching Methodology:

  • Lectures: In-depth theoretical sessions to explain concepts.
  • Practical Labs: Hands-on practice to reinforce learning.
  • Assignments: Real-world coding tasks to enhance skills.
  • Project Work: Building a web application using PHP and MySQL.
  • Group Discussions: Encouraging interaction and problem-solving.
  • Guest Lectures: Industry experts sharing insights.

Importance for Learners in Career Growth and Self-Employment:

  • Web development skills are in high demand, providing excellent career opportunities.
  • Self-employment potential through freelance web development projects.
  • Knowledge of PHP and MySQL opens doors to diverse web development roles.
  • Ability to create dynamic websites enhances employability.


Module 1: Introduction to PHP

  • Evaluation of PHP
  • Basic Syntax
  • Defining Variables and Constants
  • PHP Data Types
  • Operators and Expressions

Module 2: Decisions and Loops

  • Making Decisions
  • Repetitive Tasks with Looping
  • Mixing Decisions and Looping with HTML

Module 3: Functions

  • What is a Function?
  • Defining and Calling Functions
  • Call by Value and Call by Reference
  • Recursive Functions
  • String Operations

Module 4: Arrays

  • Anatomy of an Array
  • Index-Based and Associative Arrays
  • Accessing Array Elements
  • Looping Through Arrays
  • Useful Library Functions

Module 5: Handling HTML Forms with PHP

  • Capturing Form Data
  • Dealing with Multi-Value Fields
  • File Upload Forms
  • Redirecting After Form Submission

Module 6: Working with Files and Directories

  • Understanding Files and Directories
  • Opening, Closing, Copying, Renaming, and Deleting Files
  • Working with Directories
  • File Uploading and Downloading

Module 7: Session and Cookie Handling

  • Introduction to Session Control
  • Managing Sessions with PHP
  • Working with Cookies
  • Registering and Destroying Session Variables

Module 8: Database Connectivity with MySQL

  • Introduction to RDBMS
  • Connecting to MySQL Database
  • Performing Basic Database Operations (DML)
  • Setting Query Parameters
  • Executing Queries
  • Joins (Cross, Inner, Outer, Self Joins)

Module 9: Exception Handling

  • Understanding Exceptions and Errors
  • Try, Catch, Throw
  • Error Tracking and Debugging

Please note that the course contents can be modified based on learner requirements or specific location preferences. This syllabus provides a strong foundation in PHP and MySQL, empowering students to pursue careers in web development or self-employment opportunities.

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