Duration: 3 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

Course Title : Network management

Course Duration : 3 Months 

Course Objective: The objective of this course is to provide learners with the knowledge and skills required for effective management of computer networks. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of the concepts, tools, and techniques used for managing computer networks. The course is designed to help students develop their skills in network management and prepare them for a career in network administration or self-employment.

Course Overview: This 3-month course on network management covers a wide range of topics such as data communication, managed networks, SNMP management, RMON, Telecommunications Management Network, network management tools, and web-based management. The course includes both theoretical and practical sessions to enable students to understand the concepts and apply them in real-world scenarios. The course will also include case studies, assignments, and projects to help students apply their knowledge in practice.

Teaching Methodology: The teaching methodology includes lectures, discussions, practical exercises, case studies, and project work. The course will be conducted in a blended mode, with both online and offline sessions. Students will have access to online learning resources, including videos, e-books, and interactive tools. The course will be taught by experienced faculty members who have practical experience in network management.

Importance for Learners: Network management is an essential skill in today's digital world, and this course will help learners acquire the necessary skills to manage computer networks effectively. This course will be beneficial for students who want to pursue a career in network administration or self-employment. The skills gained from this course will help learners enhance their employability and prepare them for the job market.

Course Contents:

  1. Data Communication and Network Management Overview
  2. Managed Network
  3. SNMPv1 Network Management
  4. SNMP Management
  5. RMON
  6. Telecommunications Management Network
  7. Network Management Tools and Systems
  8. Web-Based Management

Note: The course contents can be modified based on the requirements of learners or the location.

Grading Policy: Students will be evaluated based on their performance in assignments, projects, and examinations. The grading policy will be as follows: • Assignments - 30% • Projects - 40% • Examinations - 30%

Prerequisites: • Basic knowledge of computer networks • Basic knowledge of network protocols and services • Basic knowledge of operating systems • Familiarity with computer hardware and software

Note: The prerequisites can be modified based on the requirements of learners or the location.

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