Duration: 3 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship 
  • Meaning and concept of entrepreneurship, the history of entrepreneurship development, role of entrepreneurship in economic development, agencies in entrepreneurship management and future of entrepreneurship.
  • Business Opportunity Identification
  • Business ideas, methods of generating ideas, and opportunity recognition
  • Preparing a Business Plan
  • Meaning and significance of a business plan, components of a business plan, and feasibility study
  • Financing the New Venture
  • Importance of new venture financing, types of ownership securities, venture capital, types of debt securities, determining ideal debt-equity mix, and financial institutions and banks
  • Launching the New Venture
  • Choosing the legal form of new venture, protection of intellectual property, and marketing the new venture Characteristics of high growth new ventures, strategies for growth, and building the new venture capital

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