Duration: 3 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

Facials and Electr ology

· Meaning of Massage

· Massage Techniques

· Benefits

· Product Knowledge according skin


· Client Consultation

· Electricity-Terminology

· Knowledge of all machines as

a) High frequency

b)Galvanic Machine

c) Brushing Unit

d) Vaccum Suction

e) Vapozone

f) EMS

· Procedure of facials with machines

· Safety Precautions / Do’s & don’ts

· After care

Professional Make- Up

· Purpose of make-Up

· Knowledge of basic facial shapes

· Types of Professional Make-ups asa)

a) Corrective Make-up

b) T.V Make-up

c) Fantasy Make-up

d) Special effects with Make-up

· Color Theory

· Product knowledge

· Client Consultation

· Selection of correct color &

cosmetics according to skin type

· Knowledge of applying Artificial


· Safety Precautions/ Do’s & don’ts

· After care

Hair Problems & Treatments

· Hair structure

· Types of hair

· Hair & scalp disorders& Causes for

a) Dandruff

b) Oily hair

c) Split ends

d) Dry hairs

e) Falling hair

f) Chemically treated hairs

g) Damaged hair.

· Product knowledge

· Client Consultation

· Procedures with the use of various


· Safety precautions Do’s & don’ts

· After care

Advance Hair Styling

· Purpose

· Knowledge of advance Hair Styling

according to facial shapes, length,

density and texture

· Product knowledge

· Selection of Tools, Equipments &

Styling products

· Client Consultation

· Knowledge of styling with the help of

hair extension, hair accessories &

Electrical Equipments.

· Safety Precautions/ Do’s & don’ts

· After care

Advanced Hair Cuts

· Sterilization & Sanitization

· Hair texture

· Sectioning

· Facial shapes

· Special cutting techniques as–

a)Precision hair cutting


c) Slicing

· Elevation

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