Duration: 2 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

Course Title: Photoshop (Skill Development Course)

Course Duration: 2 Months (part-time)

Course Objectives:

1.     To provide students with a comprehensive understanding of Photoshop and its applications.

2.     To develop practical skills in image editing, manipulation, and design.

3.     To enable students to use Photoshop effectively for self-employment and career growth.

4.     To foster creativity and aesthetic sensibilities in image editing and design.

5.     To equip students with the knowledge to adapt and modify Photoshop techniques according to specific requirements.

6.     To enhance students' understanding of color modes and layers for advanced image editing.

Course Overview:

This course aims to provide students with a solid foundation in Photoshop, focusing on essential skills required for self-employment and career growth. Students will learn about different image types, tools, mixing techniques, image editing, color modes, and layers. The course will be taught through a combination of theoretical lessons, practical exercises, and hands-on projects.

Course Teaching Methodology:

1.     Lectures: Interactive lectures will be conducted to introduce and explain key concepts.

2.     Demonstrations: Live demonstrations will be given to showcase practical techniques and usage of tools.

3.     Hands-on Practice: Students will engage in practical exercises to apply their learning and develop proficiency in using Photoshop.

4.     Projects: Students will be assigned projects to apply their skills in real-world scenarios and enhance their portfolio.

5.     Discussions and Feedback: Regular discussions and feedback sessions will be conducted to address doubts, clarify concepts, and provide guidance.

Importance for Learners in Career Growth and Self-Employment:

1.     Increased employability: Proficiency in Photoshop is highly valued in various industries such as graphic design, advertising, photography, and e-commerce. This course will enhance students' employability prospects by equipping them with in-demand skills.

2.     Freelancing opportunities: Photoshop skills are sought after in the freelance market, allowing students to work independently and earn income through self-employment.

3.     Creative expression: Learning Photoshop opens up avenues for artistic expression, enabling students to explore their creativity and create visually appealing designs.

4.     Portfolio development: By completing projects and exercises, students will build a strong portfolio that can be showcased to potential clients or employers.

5.     Enhanced versatility: Photoshop skills can be applied to various domains, giving students the flexibility to adapt their expertise to different industries and work environments.


Module 1: Introduction to Photoshop

·         Understanding images and their types

·         Introduction to the Photoshop interface and workspace

·         Navigating, zooming, and panning images

·         Understanding file formats and their uses

Module 2: Photoshop Tools

·         Selection tools and techniques

·         Paintbrushes, erasers, and blending tools

·         Text tools and formatting options

·         Pen tool and paths

·         Healing, cloning, and retouching tools

Module 3: Mixing Techniques

·         Understanding layers and layer masks

·         Blending modes and opacity adjustments

·         Gradients and blending effects

·         Creating and using patterns

·         Smart Objects and Smart Filters

Module 4: Image Editing

·         Cropping and resizing images

·         Adjusting brightness, contrast, and levels

·         Color correction and adjustment layers

·         Removing blemishes and imperfections

·         Adding filters and special effects

Module 5: Color Mode

·         Understanding color modes (RGB, CMYK, and more)

·         Color theory and color harmony

·         Adjusting colors and color balance

·         Creating duotones and gradients

Module 6: Layers

·         Working with layer styles and effects

·         Grouping and organizing layers

·         Layer masks and masking techniques

·         Advanced blending and compositing

·         Creating image compositions and collages


Please note that the above syllabus is a general outline and can be modified or customized based on the specific requirements of the learners or the location. The course can be adapted to cover additional topics or delve deeper into specific areas as needed.

Remember, practice and experimentation are crucial in developing Photoshop skills. Encourage students to explore and apply their learning creatively.

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