Duration: 3 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

Course Title: C AND C++ (Skill Development Course)

Course Duration: 3 months  (part-time)

Course Overview: This 3-month part-time course aims to provide students with a strong foundation in the C and C++ programming languages. The course is designed to enhance their skills and knowledge in software development, focusing on practical applications and problem-solving techniques. The syllabus is specifically tailored to the needs of Indian students, taking into consideration their career growth and potential for self-employment in the thriving IT industry.

Course Objectives:

  1. To introduce students to the fundamental concepts of C and C++ programming languages.
  2. To develop proficiency in writing efficient and reliable code using C and C++.
  3. To equip students with problem-solving skills and programming techniques applicable to real-world scenarios.
  4. To foster a deep understanding of programming principles, data structures, and algorithms.
  5. To encourage students to undertake independent projects and apply their knowledge in practical situations.

Course Teaching Methodology:

  1. Interactive Lectures: Engaging lectures by experienced instructors, covering key concepts, programming techniques, and best practices.
  2. Hands-on Coding Sessions: Practical coding exercises to reinforce learning and provide hands-on experience in programming.
  3. Project Work: Independent or group projects to encourage application of acquired knowledge and build real-world coding skills.
  4. Code Review and Feedback: Regular code reviews and feedback sessions to enhance code quality and programming proficiency.
  5. Assignments and Assessments: Periodic assignments and assessments to gauge student progress and reinforce learning.

Importance for Learners in Career Growth and Self-Employment:

  1. Skill Development: Proficiency in C and C++ programming languages is highly valued in the IT industry, providing a solid foundation for a successful career as a software developer or programmer.
  2. Versatility: C and C++ are widely used in diverse domains such as system programming, game development, embedded systems, and algorithmic trading, offering ample opportunities for specialization and self-employment.
  3. Problem-Solving Abilities: Mastery of C and C++ equips learners with strong problem-solving skills and logical thinking, essential for tackling complex programming challenges.
  4. Portfolio Development: Through practical projects, learners can build an impressive portfolio of coding projects, which can be showcased to potential employers or clients for self-employment opportunities.
  5. Industry Relevance: India's IT industry is highly competitive and dynamic. Proficiency in C and C++ provides a competitive edge to learners, enhancing their employability and career growth prospects.

Course Contents: Note: The contents mentioned below can be modified based on the requirements of the learner or location.

Month 1: Introduction to C Programming

  • Introduction to programming concepts and problem-solving techniques
  • Variables, data types, and operators
  • Control flow statements: decision making and loops
  • Functions and modular programming
  • Arrays and strings
  • Pointers and memory management
  • File handling and input/output operations in C

Month 2: Intermediate C Programming

  • Advanced data types: structures and unions
  • Dynamic memory allocation and linked lists
  • Recursion and recursive algorithms
  • Advanced control flow: switch statements and loops
  • File handling: binary files, random access, and error handling
  • Introduction to C++ programming: classes and objects

Month 3: Advanced C++ Programming

  • Object-oriented programming principles: encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism
  • C++ classes and objects: constructors, destructors, and operator overloading
  • Templates and generic programming
  • Standard Template Library (STL) containers and algorithms
  • Exception handling and error management
  • File handling: streams and file manipulation
  • Introduction to C++11 features and modern programming practices

Note: Each month includes practical coding exercises, projects, and assessments to reinforce learning.

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