Duration: 1 YEAR

Course Syllabus

Course Title: Hotel Management  ( Skill Development )

Course Duration: 6 Months (Part-Time)

Course Objectives:

  1. To provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the hotel industry.
  2. To develop practical skills in various aspects of hotel operations, including cookery, service, and rooms division management.
  3. To equip students with knowledge of food production, beverage service, and catering science.
  4. To introduce students to business practices relevant to the hospitality industry.
  5. To prepare students for self-employment opportunities in the hotel and catering sector.
  6. To enhance career prospects in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Course Overview:

Semester 1: Module 1: Language (English)

  • Communication skills
  • Business English
  • Customer service language

Module 2: Cookery 

  • Introduction to culinary arts
  • Cooking techniques and methods
  • Practical cooking sessions
  • Menu planning and presentation

Module 3: Service for Food and Beverage Establishments 

  • Principles of food and beverage service
  • Table setup and etiquette
  • Handling guest orders and complaints
  • Practical service sessions

Module 4: Computer Applications-Practical 

  • Basic computer skills
  • Reservation and billing systems
  • Front desk management software

Module 5: Rooms Division Management 

  • Front office operations
  • Housekeeping and cleanliness standards
  • Reservation systems
  • Guest relations and problem-solving

Semester 2: Module 6: Food Production-Indian Regional and International 

  • Indian regional cuisine
  • International cuisine
  • Menu development
  • Kitchen safety and hygiene

Module 7: Alcoholic Beverages and Service 

  • Types of alcoholic beverages
  • Bar setup and management
  • Responsible alcohol service
  • Practical bartending sessions

Module 8: Catering Science 

  • Catering principles and practices
  • Event planning and management
  • Catering for special occasions
  • Catering business models

Module 9: Business Practice 

  • Financial management for hospitality
  • Marketing strategies for hotels and restaurants
  • Food and beverage cost control
  • Business plan development

Module 10: Bakery and Confectionery 

  • Baking techniques
  • Pastry and confectionery
  • Bread and cake production
  • Bakery management

Course Teaching Methodology:

  • Classroom lectures and discussions.
  • Practical cooking and service sessions.
  • Role-playing for service and guest interactions.
  • Computer lab sessions for reservation and billing.
  • Industry visits to hotels and catering establishments.
  • Group projects and assignments related to hotel management.
  • Assessments, quizzes, and practical exams.
  • Guest lectures from industry professionals.

Importance for Learners in Career Growth and Self-Employment: This 6-month course provides students with a well-rounded understanding of hotel management, including culinary skills, service expertise, and business management. Graduates can pursue self-employment opportunities by starting their own catering or restaurant businesses. Additionally, they can seek employment in various roles within the hospitality and tourism industry, enhancing their career prospects.

Note: The course contents can be modified based on specific learner requirements or location preferences. Additional topics or modules can be added to cater to specialized areas within hotel management.

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