Duration: 3 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

  • Computer:
    • Definition, History, Generation, Characteristics, Types & Applications.
    • Overview of a computer system

  • MS Word
    • Navigate The Word Interface
    • Uses And Applications Of Word
    • Open New Documents And Existing Documents
    • Use Templates
    • Basic And Advanced Text, Paragraph, And Document Formatting
    • Use Microsoft Word For Desktop Publishing
    • Create Brochures, Flyers, And Even Business Cards
    • Insert Images, Graphics, And Video
    • Create An Index, Bibliography, Or TOC Using Word
    • Create More Impressive Tables Using New Formatting Tools
    • Solve Mathematical Equations Using Word
  • MS Excel
    • Create A Spreadsheet
    • Format Cells, Rows, Columns, And Entire Worksheets So They Fit And Match Your Data
    • Enter Data Into A Spreadsheet
    • Use Formulas And Functions For Math, Accounting, And Totaling
    • Create Formulas And Functions
    • Create Charts And Diagrams For Your Data
    • Create Data Lists And Forms
    • Work With Excel Templates
    • Share And Protect Your Worksheets And Workbooks
    • Use What-if Analysis To Determine Possible Outcomes
  • MS Power Point
    • Navigate The Powerpoint Interface
    • Create New Presentations From Scratch – And By Using Beautiful Template
    • Add Text, Pictures, Sounds, Movies, And Charts To Your Presentations
    • Design Slides Using Themes, Colors, And Special Effects
    • Animate Objects On Slides.
    • Add Special Effects To Slide Transitions To Spice Up Presentations
    • Work With Master Slides To Make Editing Presentation Easy
    • Set Up Slide Shows And Rehearse Timings For Your Slides
  • MS Outlook
    • Send And Receive Email
    • Create Plain Text, Rich Text, And HTML Emails
    • Sort And Organize Your Emails Using Folders
    • Add Attachments
    • Mark Emails That Need Special Attention
    • Set Outlook Reminder
    • Format Text Within Emails
    • Advanced Formatting Techniques To Create HTML Newsletters In The Body Of An Email!
    • Add Contacts And Manage Them With Address Books
    • Use The Calendar To Set Appointments, Meetings, And Events
    • Create To-do Lists
    • Set Reminders For Meetings, Tasks, And Other Things That Need Attention
    • Share Emails, Contacts, And Calendars

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