Duration: 3 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

 Object Oriented Programming - How to Approach a System?

  • Describe the concept and features of object-oriented programming
  • Create classes and objects and add methods to a class
  • Basic concepts in OOPS
  • Real World Comparison

Evolution of JAVA Know the history of Java

  • Requirements and Environment(JDK)
  • Comparison with other languages
  • Basic Features

Learn the Fundamentals of Java Programming

  • Understanding Java Architecture
  • Understanding Java Virtual Machine(JVM)
  • Understanding and Installing Java Development Kit
  • Knowing the Program Structure
  • Data types , Variables and Operators
  • How to handle arrays in Java
  • Dealing with various Programming Constraints

Leaping into java - The Logics and Techniques

  • Managing Classes and Objects in Java
  • Managing Functions
  • Understanding Constructors
  • Dealing with Garbage Collection
  • Working with Inheritance in Java
  • Understanding Abstract Classes and Interfaces

 Packages - The Library Management

  • Introduction to packages
  • Know How to implement a package
  • CLASSPATH Setting for Packages.
  • Making JAR Files for Library Packages
  • Import and Static Import
  • Knowing java.lang package
  • Knowing java.util package
  • Knowing java.io package (input/output programming)
  • Streams and the new I/O Capabilities
  • Understanding Streams
  • The Classes for Input and Output

Multithreaded Programming - The Inside Parallelism

  • Basic concepts and needs of multi-threading
  • Life Cycle of a Thread
  • How to create a thread
  • Handling Thread Priorities
  • Enforcing Thread Synchronization
  • Maintaining Interthread Communication
  • Other thread functions

Exception Handling - The Error Management

  • The Idea behind Exception
  • JVM reaction to Exceptions
  • Exceptions & Errors
  • Types of Exception
  • Control Flow In Exceptions
  • Use of try, catch, finally, throw, throws in Exception Handling

Applet Programming - The Web Component Development

  • Applet Basics
  • Applet Architecture
  • Parameters to Applet
  • Embedding Applets in Web page
  • Creating Applet applications

Event Handling - The Component’s Response

  • The Delegation Event Model
  • Event Classes
  • Event Listener Interfaces
  • Handling Various Events

GUI Programming - The Easiness of Interaction

  • Introduction to AWT
  • Know the Window Fundamentals
  • Working with Frame Windows
  • Working with Graphics
  • Using AWT Controls and Menus
  • Understanding Layout Managers

JFC and Swing - A Higher Level of User Interaction

  • Features of the Java Foundation Classes
  • Overview of Swing
  • Components and Containers
  • Swing Packages
  • Exploring Swing components
  • Generating Swing Application

Database Connectivity using JDBC

  • Understanding JDBC
  • Define the layers in JDBC architecture
  • Various types of JDBC drivers
  • Manipulating various SQL Queries
  • Manage transactions and perform batch updates in JDBC
  • Creating Database Connectivity Applications

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