Duration: 3 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

COURSE TITLE: Software Testing Course (Skill Development)

COURSE DURATION : 3 Months (part-time)

COURSE OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this course are to provide students with an in-depth understanding of software testing principles and practices. This course will help students to develop the following skills:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of software testing
  • Planning, designing, and executing various software testing techniques
  • Understanding the different types of software testing and their significance
  • Learning how to identify and report software defects
  • Understanding the role of software testing in the software development life cycle
  • Developing the ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders
  • Enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving skills

COURSE OVERVIEW: This 3-month part-time course is designed for individuals who want to develop skills in software testing to enhance their career growth or to start their own business. The course will be conducted through a combination of theory and practical sessions. The course will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to software testing
  • Software development life cycle
  • Test planning and estimation
  • Test design techniques
  • Test execution and management
  • Defect reporting and tracking
  • Test automation
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing
  • Mobile testing

COURSE TEACHING METHODOLOGY: The teaching methodology for this course will be a combination of lectures, practical sessions, case studies, and assignments. The course will also include guest lectures by industry experts to provide students with real-world insights into software testing practices. The course will be conducted in a part-time format to allow students to continue their work while pursuing this course.

IMPORTANCE FOR LEARNER IN CAREER GROWTH AND SELF-EMPLOYMENT: The demand for software testing professionals is high in the IT industry. The course will equip students with the necessary skills to meet industry demands and will help them to advance their careers. Additionally, the course will also provide students with the skills to start their own software testing business.


Week 1:

  • Introduction to software testing
  • Importance of software testing
  • Principles of software testing
  • Types of software testing

Week 2:

  • Software development life cycle
  • Software development methodologies
  • Software testing life cycle

Week 3:

  • Test planning and estimation
  • Test strategy
  • Test plan
  • Test estimation techniques

Week 4:

  • Test design techniques
  • Equivalence partitioning
  • Boundary value analysis
  • Decision table testing
  • State transition testing

Week 5:

  • Test execution and management
  • Test environment setup
  • Test execution techniques
  • Test result analysis and reporting

Week 6:

  • Defect reporting and tracking
  • Defect life cycle
  • Defect reporting
  • Defect tracking

Week 7:

  • Test automation
  • Introduction to test automation
  • Types of test automation tools
  • Test automation framework

Week 8:

  • Performance testing
  • Introduction to performance testing
  • Types of performance testing
  • Performance testing tools

Week 9:

  • Security testing
  • Introduction to security testing
  • Types of security testing
  • Security testing tools

Week 10:

  • Mobile testing
  • Introduction to mobile testing
  • Types of mobile testing
  • Mobile testing tools

Week 11-12:

  • Case studies and assignments
  • Guest lectures by industry experts

Note: The course content and schedule are subject to change based on the requirements of learners or location.

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