Duration: 2 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

Course Title: Scratch Programming for Self-Employment

Course Duration: 2 Months (Part-Time)

Course Objectives:

  1. To introduce students to Scratch programming and its applications.
  2. To enable students to create interactive animations and games using Scratch.
  3. To develop problem-solving and computational thinking skills.
  4. To empower students with the ability to pursue self-employment opportunities in game development and interactive media.

Course Overview: This course will cover the fundamentals of Scratch programming, gradually progressing to more advanced topics. Students will learn to create animations, games, and interactive stories while understanding key programming concepts.

Course Teaching Methodology:

  1. Interactive Lectures: Engaging lectures introducing core concepts and Scratch features.
  2. Hands-On Projects: Practical exercises and projects to reinforce learning.
  3. Peer Collaboration: Group projects and sharing of ideas.
  4. Coding Challenges: Problem-solving exercises to enhance programming skills.
  5. Guest Speakers: Industry experts sharing insights into self-employment opportunities.

Importance for Learner in Career Growth and Self-Employment:

  • Scratch programming is an essential skill in the growing fields of game development, education, and interactive media.
  • Self-employment opportunities in game development, animation, and educational content creation are on the rise.
  • This course equips learners with practical skills to tap into these opportunities and build a freelance career.

Course Contents:

Week 1-2: Introduction to Scratch

  • Understanding the Scratch interface
  • Moving blocks, creating scripts, and repeating blocks
  • Basic animation and storytelling

Week 3-4: Drawing and Variables

  • Drawing with a computer
  • Tempo, variables, and the hat block
  • Creating dynamic animations

Week 5-6: Conditionals and Iteration

  • Coordinates and conditionals
  • Drawing with iteration
  • Adding interactivity to projects

Week 7-8: Advanced Concepts

  • Broadcast and random numbers
  • Updating variables in repeats
  • Iterative development and the ask and join blocks

Week 9-10: Game Development and Beyond

  • Scratch tools, gravity, and mazes
  • Building your own blocks
  • Strategies for creating games


  • Weekly quizzes and assignments
  • Mid-term project assessment
  • Final project showcasing a fully functional game or interactive animation

Note: The course content can be modified based on the specific requirements of learners or location.

This course empowers Indian students with practical programming skills in Scratch, enabling them to pursue self-employment opportunities in game development, animation, and interactive media. It encourages creativity, problem-solving, and entrepreneurship, aligning with the learner's goal of building a remarkable business model that helps people.

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