Duration: 1 MONTH

Course Syllabus

Course Title: Microsoft Power BI (Skill Development Course)

Course Duration: 1 Month (Part-Time)

Course Objectives:

  1. To introduce students to the fundamentals of Microsoft Power BI for data visualization and analysis.
  2. To equip students with essential skills to create insightful reports and dashboards.
  3. To enhance employability by providing practical knowledge relevant to various industries.
  4. To enable students to explore self-employment opportunities in data analytics.

Course Overview: This 1-month course provides a rapid introduction to Microsoft Power BI, focusing on key concepts and practical applications. Students will learn to import, visualize, and share data effectively, gaining valuable skills for their career growth and self-employment prospects.

Course Teaching Methodology:

  • Lectures: In-class lectures to cover essential concepts.
  • Hands-on Practice: Practical exercises to apply learned skills.
  • Group Projects: Collaborative projects to solve real-world data challenges.
  • Online Resources: Access to online tutorials, forums, and additional learning materials.

Importance for Learner in Career Growth and Self-Employment:

  • Career Growth: Graduates will acquire in-demand skills for data analysis roles, enhancing their career prospects and marketability.
  • Self-Employment: Students can offer freelance data analytics services, exploring self-employment opportunities in the growing data analysis field.

Course Contents: Week 1: Introduction to Data Analytics and Power BI

  • Understanding Data Analytics
  • Introduction to Microsoft Power BI

Week 2: Data Preparation and Visualization

  • Data Import and Transformation
  • Creating Visualizations

Week 3: Building Dashboards and Reports

  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Formatting and Customization

Week 4: Data Modeling and Sharing

  • Data Modeling Techniques
  • Publishing Reports and Collaboration

Note: The course contents can be adapted based on the specific needs and requirements of learners or location, ensuring flexibility to meet different learning objectives.

This syllabus is designed to provide students with a condensed yet comprehensive introduction to Microsoft Power BI, equipping them with valuable skills for career growth and self-employment opportunities in the field of data analytics.

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