Duration: 6 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

Course Title: TALLY.ERP 9 WITH GST (Skill Development)

Course Duration: 6 Months (Part-Time)

Course Overview: The Tally.ERP 9 with GST course is a 6-month skill development program designed for Indian students seeking expertise in financial accounting and taxation using Tally software. This part-time course equips learners with essential skills for self-employment or career growth in the field of accounting and taxation. The course content can be customized to meet specific learner requirements or location-based needs.

Course Objectives: Upon completion of this 6-month course, students will be able to:

  1. Master the fundamentals of financial accounting and accounting concepts.
  2. Create and configure companies in Tally.ERP 9.
  3. Understand and use various voucher types.
  4. Perform accounting transactions using Tally software.
  5. Advance their knowledge in financial accounting.
  6. Prepare final accounts and reconcile bank statements.
  7. Manage inventory effectively.
  8. Generate MIS reports and handle budgets.
  9. Configure printing options for vouchers and reports.
  10. Import and export data in Tally.
  11. Implement security measures in Tally software.
  12. Understand taxation concepts, including GST, TDS, VAT, and Service Tax.
  13. Learn about payroll management.
  14. Gain knowledge about Excise for manufacturers and dealers.
  15. Understand Tally.NET and remote user access.
  16. Comprehend the principles and procedures of GST.
  17. Learn about GST registration, compliance, and payment.
  18. Explore the place of supply rules and the IGST Act.

Course Teaching Methodology:

  • Lectures: Theoretical understanding of financial accounting, taxation concepts, and Tally software.
  • Hands-On Practical Sessions: Extensive training using Tally.ERP 9 for real-world accounting and taxation scenarios.
  • Interactive Workshops: Workshops to apply accounting and taxation concepts.
  • Assignments: Regular assignments to reinforce learning.

Importance for Learners in Career Growth and Self-Employment:

  • Accounting and taxation skills are in high demand in India, offering lucrative career prospects.
  • The course equips students with the skills to work as accountants, tax consultants, or start their accounting and taxation businesses.
  • Practical skills and hands-on experience gained during the course will give students a competitive edge in the job market.

Course Contents:

Module 1: Financial Accounting Basics

  • Accounting Concepts
  • Company Creation
  • Accounts Configuration
  • Voucher Types
  • Accounts Vouchers
  • Advanced Financial Accounting
  • Final Accounts
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement

Module 2: Inventory

  • Introduction to Inventory
  • Stock Groups, Stock Categories
  • Stock Item, Reorder Levels
  • Locations / Go Downs
  • Units of Measure
  • Price List, Tariff Classification
  • Inventory Voucher
  • Purchase and Sales Order
  • Invoice Entry

Module 3: Business Management

  • New Year Books
  • MIS Reports
  • Budget Management
  • Scenario Management
  • Document Printing
  • Printing Configuration for Vouchers
  • Printing Reports
  • Printing of Inventory Reports
  • Import & Export of Data
  • Security

Module 4: Taxation

  • TDS
    • Introduction to Tax Deducted at Source
    • Using TDS in Tally
  • VAT – Value Added Tax
    • Introduction to VAT
    • Vouchers and Transactions
    • VAT Computation
  • Service Tax
    • Introduction to Service Tax
    • Using Service Tax in Tally
  • Payroll
    • Introduction to Payroll
    • Using Payroll in Tally
  • Excise for Manufacturers
    • Introduction to Excise for Manufacturers
    • Types of Excise Duty
    • Excise for Manufacturers in Tally.ERP9
  • Excise for Dealers
    • Introduction to Excise for Dealers
    • Types of Excise Duty
    • Excise for Dealers in Tally.ERP9

Module 5: Tally.NET and Remote User Access

Module 6: GST

  • Overview of Goods and Services Tax
  • Levy of an Exemption from Tax
  • Levy of GST – Introduction
  • Composition Scheme
  • Remission of Tax / Duty
  • Registration
  • Amendments / Cancellation
  • Meaning and Scope of Supply
  • Time of Supply
  • Payment of GST
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Matching of Input Tax Credit
  • Overview of the IGST Act
  • Place of Supply of Goods & Services

Upon successful completion of this 6-month Tally.ERP 9 with GST course, students will have a strong foundation in financial accounting, taxation, and Tally software. They will be prepared for careers as accountants, tax consultants, or entrepreneurs in the field of accounting and taxation. The course content can be adapted to meet specific learner needs or location-specific demands, ensuring maximum relevance and effectiveness.

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