Duration: 1 MONTH

Course Syllabus

What is jQuery?

  • Downloading and using jQuery library
  • Typical tasks you perform with jQuery
  • Selecting elements from the DOM
  • Changing element content
  • Adding/Changing/Removing attributes
  • Adding/Removing/Toggling CSS classes
  • Adding/Changing CSS properties
  • Adding/Replacing/Removing elements
  • jQuery built-in animation effects
  • Working with element Set
  • Working with arrays and objects
  • Working with jQuery cookie plugin 
Working with interactive events
  • Setting up event handlers
  • List of events
  • Event listener functions
  • The bind function
  • The on & off functions
  • Chaining functions
  • The Event object
  • Working with HTML Form and Form Elements
  • Validating Form Elements
What is AJAX?
  • Program-to-Program communication
  • Synchronous vs. Asynchronous communication
  • Advantages and uses of asynchronous communication
What is XML?
  • The HTTP communication protocol
  • The HTTP request packet
  • The HTTP response packet
  • The GET vs. the POST method
  • AJAX XMLHttpRequest object 
What is jQuery UI?
  • Downloading and using jQuery UI plugin
  • UI Components - Widgets, Interactions, Themes & Effects
  • The jQuery UI Widgets
  • Accordion, Tabs, Menu, Button, Dialog, Datepicker, Autocomplete, etc.
  • Widget Options and Widget Methods
  • Styling UI Widgets
  • Work with Interactions
  • Apply CSS Themes
  • Apply Animation Effects

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