Duration: 8 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

Fashion Designing Syllabus Phase 1
1. Using Simple and Fashion Designing Machine’s
2. Basic machines repairing technique
3. Stitching Technique
4. Dress Measurement & Technique
5. Calculating of Drafting pattern
6. Method to fold the fabric for pattern
7. Term used in tailoring
8. Pico ( With wire or without wire)
9. Making designer necks, sleeves using designer machine
10.   Design alphabets using designer machine
11.   Dress Dori making
12. Handmade bouton making
13. How to attach chain (one side ,back side)
14.   Designer cloth flowers
15. Illustration
16. How to used can-cane
17. Latkan making
18. Matric System
19. Illustration

Fashion Designing Syllabus Phase 2

1) Handkerchief
2) Nappies (2 Types)
a) Simple
b) Designer
3. Tie
4. Pillow Making (2 Types)
a) Square
b) Circle
c) Heart shape etc.….

5) Pillow Cover Making (3 Types)
a) Simple cover making
b) Fancy pillow cover
c)   Making cover Using laces
d) Using stones
e) Using designer cloth
f) Using frill
g) Using patches
h) Using readymade flowers etc.….
5) Table cloth making
        i) Simple
        ii) Using frill
      iii) Using patch
      iv) Using laces and stones etc.
6) Doormat
7) Market Bag Making (2 Types)
a) Simple
b) Using designer cloth
c) Using various fabrics etc.

8) Hand work on cloth
      a) simple
b)zardogi work
              c) lace work
d) Resham work( knots)
a) Umbrella
b) Plated
c) Nandini pattern
d) Up & Down
e) Wrapped & Round
f) Corporate
g) Four gore Skirt
h) Designer
i) Peplum
j) Handkerchief hem
k) Mini skirt
l) Jeans Styling
b) long
c) Spegity
a)simple kurti
b)designer kurta
i)Single cut
ii) Three cut
iii) With side and back Dori
iv) With chain
v) With jacket pattern
c) Panjabi short kurta with apple cut
Princess cutAnarkali pattern
Full umbrella
6) Kurti Neck Pattern
7)   (A) Simple - (4 Types)
8) I)Round neck
9) ii) Square neck
10) iii) V neck
11) iv)boat neck
12)   (B) Difficult (3 Types)
A) With collar
b) Using net
C) Using stones and Dori
D) Using overlapping Technique
e) Princes cut technique
13) Sleeves pattern
A) Simple sleeves (short, ¾ th and full sleeves)
b) Net sleeves
c) Cold shoulder
d) Off shoulder sleeves
e) Puff sleeves
f) Butterfly sleeves
g) Balloon sleeves
h) Cut sleeves
i) Collar sleeves
Umbrella Sleeves
Ragan top with Polo Collar
Gathered Shoulder Sleeves
    Overlap sleeves
g) Designer (using beets, laces etc.…)
14) Salwar (A) Front Plates Only
(B) Both Side Plates
i) Semi Patiyala
ii) Full Patiyala
15) Salwar Bottom (2 Types)
a) Triangle
b) Semi-circle
16) Chudidar

Fashion Designing Syllabus Phase 3

17) Blouse
A) simple
          i) Front hocks
          ii) Back hocks
(A) Katori Blouse
(B) Tucks Blouse (2 tucks to 4 tucks
(C) Princess Cut
    Blouse with cups
D) Designer
18) Back Blouse Design (5 Types)
a) Collar with open back neck
b) Halters neck blouse
c) Inbuilt collar
d) Back less
e) Using 2 cloths
f)     Using patches
19) Peticoat
a) 2 piece
b) 6 piece peticote
20) One Piece (4 Types)
a) Simple dress
b) Long evening gown
c) Yoke Gown
d) Ranglar sleeves Gown
e) Fidding gown
f)     Gown with frill
g) Designer
21) Dhoti Pattern
22) Standard measurement for tops
23) Varity of Pockets
24) Tops (3 Types)
a) Crop top
b) Long top
c) Using different patterns
d) Using different neck pattern
e) Up n down top
f)     Circular top
g) Spegity top
h) Loose straight top
i)     Pack net top
j)     Kaftan pattern
k) One side open top
l)     Smoking top
m) Fall neck Top
n) Overlap top
o) Back less Halter neck top
p) Cape top
25) Lacha (2 Types)
a) Mermaid style
b) With straps
26) Pants
a) Long pant
b) Capri
c) Designer pants
d) Side cut pants
e)   Using laces, buttons etc.…
27) Palazzo
i)   Circular palazzo
ii) Straight fit palazzo
28) Jacket(2 Types)
A) Shrugs
b) Short jackets
c) Long jackets
d) Frill jacket
High neck Jacket
Mega sleeves Jacket
30)         Dungaree
31)       Jumpsuit
32)       Hot pants
33)       Curtains
34)       Kitchen Apron
35)       Simple Shirt

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