Duration: 1 YEAR

Course Syllabus

Course Title: Computer Application and Desktop Publishing (Skill Development)

Course Duration: 1 year (part-time)

Course Objectives:

1.     To develop essential computer application skills required for self-employment and career growth.

2.     To enable students to effectively utilize various software tools and applications for business and personal use.

3.     To provide a comprehensive understanding of desktop publishing software and its applications in creating visually appealing designs and layouts.

4.     To equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for self-employment opportunities in the field of computer application and DTP.

Course Overview:

This course aims to provide students with a strong foundation in computer application and desktop publishing. The course is designed to impart practical knowledge and skills through hands-on training and real-world applications. Students will learn essential software tools, including Ms-Office, Internet, C Programming, Tally Prime with GST, as well as various DTP software such as Page Maker, Corel Draw, and Photoshop. The course content can be modified based on the specific requirements of the learners or the location.

Course Teaching Methodology:

1.     Lectures: Engaging classroom lectures will cover theoretical concepts and provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

2.     Hands-on Training: Practical sessions will allow students to apply their knowledge and develop proficiency in using various software applications.

3.     Assignments and Projects: Students will be assigned practical assignments and projects to reinforce their learning and develop practical skills.

4.     Case Studies: Analysis of real-life case studies will help students understand the practical application of the concepts taught in the course.

5.     Guest Lectures: Industry experts will be invited to share their experiences and provide valuable insights into the field of computer application and DTP.

Importance for Learners in Career Growth and Self-Employment:

1.     Enhances Employability: The course equips learners with essential computer application skills that are highly sought after by employers in various industries.

2.     Self-Employment Opportunities: By acquiring proficiency in DTP software, learners can start their own desktop publishing businesses or work as freelancers.

3.     Competitive Advantage: The course provides learners with a competitive edge in the job market, as computer literacy is an essential requirement in most industries.

4.     Improved Productivity: Proficiency in software applications and DTP tools allows learners to streamline their work processes and enhance productivity.

5.     Personal Development: The course fosters personal growth by expanding learners' knowledge base, boosting their confidence, and improving their problem-solving skills.


Module 1: Ms-Office

·         Microsoft Word

·         Microsoft Excel

·         Microsoft PowerPoint

·         Microsoft Outlook

Module 2: Internet

·         Introduction to the Internet

·         Web Browsers and Search Engines

·         Email and Online Communication

·         Internet Security and Privacy

Module 3: C Programming

·         Introduction to Programming

·         Variables, Data Types, and Operators

·         Control Structures and Loops

·         Functions and Arrays

·         File Handling

Module 4: Tally Prime with GST

·         Introduction to Tally Prime

·         Basic Accounting Concepts

·         Inventory Management

·         GST (Goods and Services Tax) in Tally

Module 5: Introduction of DTP

·         Understanding Desktop Publishing

·         Typography and Font Management

·         Layout Design Principles

·         Color Theory and Application

Module 6: Page Maker

·         Introduction to Page Maker

·         Working with Text and Typography

·         Page Layout Design

·         Importing Graphics and Images

Module 7: Corel Draw

·         Introduction to Corel Draw

·         Drawing and Editing Tools

·         Working with Shapes and Objects

·         Creating Logos and Illustrations

Module 8: Photoshop

·         Introduction to Photoshop

·         Image Editing and Retouching

·         Layers and Masks

·         Photo Manipulation and Effects

Note: The syllabus can be modified or customized based on the specific requirements of the learners or the location.

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