Duration: 6 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

Course Title: Financial Accounting and GST (Skill Development)

Course Objectives:
1. To provide students with a strong foundation in financial accounting principles.
2. To equip students with practical knowledge of using accounting software like Tally Prime.
3. To impart an understanding of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and its implications on businesses.
4. To prepare students for self-employment opportunities in the field of accounting and taxation.
5. To enhance computer skills through MS-Office applications.

Course Overview:
Module 1: Computer Fundamentals (2 weeks)**
- Introduction to computer hardware and software.
- Operating systems and basic troubleshooting.
- Basic computer applications for daily use.

Module 2: MS-Word, MS-Excel & MS-PowerPoint (4 weeks)
- Creating and formatting documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
- Data entry and analysis using Excel.
- Designing professional presentations in PowerPoint.

Module 3: Internet (2 weeks)
- Internet usage and web navigation.
- Online research and communication.
- Online security and privacy.

Module 4: Introduction to Financial Accounting (4 weeks)
- Basics of accounting principles.
- Double-entry bookkeeping.
- Preparation of financial statements.

Module 5: Tally Prime (6 weeks)
- Introduction to Tally Prime software.
- Creating ledgers, vouchers, and reports.
- Accounting for various business transactions.

Module 6: Goods and Services Tax (GST) (8 weeks)
- Concept of VAT, ST, TDS, FBT, CST, TCS, and ED.
- Overview of GST and its importance.
- Levy of GST – Introduction.
- Composition Scheme and its benefits.
- GST Registration and Amendments/Cancellation.
- Meaning and Scope of Supply under GST.
- Time of Supply and Payment of GST.
- Electronic Commerce and GST.
- Input Tax Credit and its matching.
- Overview of the IGST Act.
- Place of Supply of Goods & Services.

Course Teaching Methodology:
- Lectures by experienced faculty members.
- Hands-on practical sessions using accounting software.
- Group discussions and case studies.
- Guest lectures by industry experts.
- Regular assessments and quizzes.
- Practical exercises and projects related to GST compliance.

Importance for Learners in Career Growth and Self-Employment: This course is designed to empower learners with essential skills required for a successful career in financial accounting and taxation. Upon completion, students will be equipped to:
- Pursue employment opportunities as accountants or tax consultants.
- Start their own accounting and GST consultancy services.
- Handle the financial aspects of their own businesses effectively.
- Stay updated with the latest accounting and GST regulations.

Note: The course contents can be modified based on the requirements of learners or specific regional needs. The syllabus provided is a general guideline for a comprehensive Financial Accounting and GST course.

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