Duration: 3 MONTHS

Course Syllabus


  •  Introduction to material management and productivity, functions of material management, organization structures in material management, role of material management techniques in improved material productivity.
Material planning
  • Objectives, material requirement planning, manufacturing resource planning, JIT production planning, strategic material planning, material control: acceptance, sampling, inspection, make or buy decision, simple cost analysis, economic analysis, break even analysis, break even point theory, whether to add or drop a product line store management and warehousing, product explosion.
  • Importance of good purchasing system, organization of purchasing functions, purchase policy and procedures, responsibility and limitations, purchasing decisions, purchasing role in new product development, role of purchasing in cost reduction, negotiations and purchase, purchasing research: identification of right sources of supply, vendor rating, standardization, vendor certification plans, vendor and supply reliability, developing new source of supply. 
Cost reduction
  • Cost control v/s cost reduction, price analysis, material cost reduction techniques, variety reduction, cost reduction and value improvement, techniques of cost control, standard costing, cost effectiveness, cost analysis for material management, material flow cost control.
Inventory management
  • Inventory v/s stores, types of inventory, inventory control, inventory build –up, EOQ, various inventory models, inventory models with quantity discount, exchange curve concept, coverage analysis, optimal stocking and issuing policies, inventory management of perishable commodities, ABC – VED analysis, design of inventory distribution systems, surplus management, information system for inventory management, case studies.

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