Duration: 3 MONTHS

Course Syllabus

Basic Computing

  • Basic Computing elements of analog computer, time and amplitude scaling simulation of linear simpleand simultaneous differential equations and transfer functions, nonlinear function generators.
Requester transfer and Micro- Operations

  • Register transfer language, Inter – Register transfer,Arithmetic, Logic and shift micro operations, Control functions.Computer Organization and Design: Instruction, codes computer instructions, Timing and, control Execution of instructions, Input-Output and interrupts, Design of computer.
Central Processor organization

  • Processor bus organization, ALU, Stack Organization, Instruction formats, Addressing modes, Data transfer and manipulation, Program control, Parallel processor.
  • Micro program control organization: Control memory, Address sequencing, Microprogram exaple,Microprogram sequencer, & Microinstruction formats.
Arithmetic Processor Design

  •  Comparison and subtraction, Algorithm for addition, Subtraction,Multiplication, division, Processor Configuration, Design of Control.
  • Arithmetic algorithms: Arithmetic with signed 2’s complement numbers, Multiplication and Division,Floating point arithmetic operations, Decimal Arithmetic Unit and operations
I/O Organization

  • I/O interfaces, asynchronous data transfer, DMA, Priority interrupt, I/O processor,Multiprocessor system organization.
  • Memory organization: Various memories – Auxiliary, Associative, Cache, Microcomputer, Virtual ones,and Memory Hierarchy, Memory Management hardware.Computer software: Assembly language, Assembler, program loops, subroutines, system

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